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Program Direction

Prof. Leigh Revers, Director [email protected]
Prof. Duncan Jones, Faculty Lead [email protected]
Prof. Jayson Parker, Faculty Lead [email protected]

Associated Faculty (alphabetically)

Prof. Ann Armstrong, Management [email protected]
Prof. Ningyuan Chen, Management [email protected]
Prof. Mark Currie, Biology [email protected]
Prof. Ruben Gaetani, Management [email protected]
Prof. Timothy Lee, Chemical & Physical Sciences [email protected]
Prof. Scott Prosser, Chemical & Physical Sciences [email protected]
Prof. Andrew Steck, Management [email protected]
Prof. Mihkel Tombak, Management [email protected]
Prof. Kevin Yousie, Management [email protected]

Administrative Staff (alphabetically)

Mr. Julian Gaspini, Program Coordinator [email protected]
Mr. Louis Nguyen, Placement Assistant [email protected]
Ms. Ortensia (Tessa) Qendro, Program Assistant [email protected]
Dr. Nazeem Shamsuddin, Senior Research Associate n[email protected]


Ms. Jessica Shiers-Hanley, BScHons, MLIS [email protected]